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Poverty/Income Inequality


The Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan area is slowly losing population and growing more diverse. From 2000 to 2010, the metro population fell from 1,170,111 to 1,135,509, a loss of 34,602. During those ten years, the Hispanic population rose 36.7%, multi-racial rose 38.1%, and Asian rose 68.7%, while white population fell 6.4%, black fell 0.2%, and American Indian fell 0.2%. In 2010, the metropolitan area was 79.5% white, 11.8% black, 4.1% Hispanic, and 2.3% Asian. As of 2000, 4.4% of the population was foreign born. Of that group, 74.5% were Asian and 8.2% Hispanic. 8.4% of the population spoke a foreign language at home. 61% of Hispanics spoke a foreign language at home, as did 77.7% of Asians.