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Buffalo’s Dwelling Unit Registration code was passed in 2004 and became effective in 2005. The City of Buffalo had previously enacted a Multiple Dwelling Unit Registration law, which required owners of multiple dwelling units (three or more units) to register their property and obtain a certificate of occupancy, but the City did not have any required registration for single and double residential dwellings. The purpose of the Rental Registry code is to create a database that lists single and double residential dwelling owners’ contact information for future problems. Owners of single and double residential dwelling units pay annual registration fees. The data is collected through a report in the city’s computer system with the ability to cross-reference properties and owners to see which properties are registered. The Rental Registry code is designed to be a tool for legislators to enforce registration. Like many pieces of legislation it is not always strictly enforced. The courts are permitted to use the Rental Registry code to impose fines, but have not done so consistently.