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The Transportation Task Force, a project of the Homeless Alliance of Western New York, completed a transportation needs assessment among homeless and very low-income persons at sites around Erie County. The assessment was in survey form and was administered to approximately 800 people over a 5-day period. From earlier focus groups with homeless individuals and the workers who directly serve them, the Task Force found that problems with affording public transportation and with accessing appropriate transit to and from suburban worksites were key issues of concern. Results from the needs assessment indicated that this was a correct conclusion. Homeless and very-low income persons in Buffalo and Erie County are “left behind,” unable to keep personal appointments, search for housing, secure a job, and attain self-sufficiency due to problems with accessing transportation. These difficulties can lead to longer stays in the costly homeless service system; less income for those who need it most in the Buffalo and Erie County community; and trouble for employers looking for entry-level workers, many of whom live in the City.