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December 2007


[Excerpt] Economic development is generally understood to involve improvements in economic well-being for a society and its members. Despite the generalized unfolding of economic opportunity that accompanies economic growth, the specific goal of poverty reduction should be the most pressing component of a development agenda. Labor market policies that foster the creation of “good” jobs and prepare the population to hold these jobs will alleviate individual economic privation.


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Fields, G. (2007). Economic development, labor markets, and poverty reduction (Impact Brief #24). Ithaca, NY: School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.

For a more in-depth analysis, please see: Fields, G. (2006). “Labor Markets and Economic Development”. Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, 31(2), 72-84.

The ILR Impact Brief series highlights the research and project based work conducted by ILR faculty that is relevant to workplace issues and public policy. The Briefs are prepared by Maralyn Edid, Senior Extension Associate, ILR School.

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