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September 2007


[Excerpt] In the few years since the AFL-CIO consolidated 25 of the 31 central labor councils in New York State into five area labor federations (ALFs), local union affiliates have begun to transcend the narrow interests that long divided one union from another. ALFs have begun to embrace new and more diverse leaders, strengthen their functional capabilities, forge coalitions with community groups, and help elect politicians who are more responsive to the concerns of working families. Whether the restructured labor movement has a greater ability to affect organizing drives and contract negotiations is still unclear.


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Grabelsky, J. (2007). Transcending free market unionism: A new Alliance for New York State unions (ILR Impact Brief #20). Ithaca, NY: School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.

To read the full publication, please see: A New Alliance in New York State: A Progress Report on the Labor Movement’s Restructuring, Capacity Building, and Programmatic Work

The ILR Impact Brief series highlights the research and project based work conducted by ILR faculty that is relevant to workplace issues and public policy. The Briefs are prepared by Maralyn Edid, Senior Extension Associate, ILR School.

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