Publication Date

October 2006


Diversity proponents argue that expanding the pool of human and social capital within organizations can sharpen their competitive edge. Researchers generally agree that supportive coworker relationships based on trust and expressive, self-revealing ties positively affect individual and organizational performance. But making the most out of diverse perspectives remains a critical challenge; cooperating, sharing information, and synthesizing knowledge are the processes that turn diversity into value. This study explores the factors that facilitate these all-important personal associations above and beyond what would normally be expected within racially-mixed work units.


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Bacharach, S. B., Bamberger, P. A. & Vashdi, D. (2006). Diversity at work: Cross-Racial bonds on the job (ILR Impact Brief #13). Ithaca, NY: School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.

The ILR Impact Brief series highlights the research and project based work conducted by ILR faculty that is relevant to workplace issues and public policy. The Briefs are prepared by Maralyn Edid, Senior Extension Associate, ILR School.

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