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[Excerpt] Ranganathan’s fifth law -- “The library is a growing organism -- is what this chapter is really about. Access to information has increased in amazing ways in the past couple of decades, and that doesn’t eliminate the need for librarians; it gives us even more room to do truly staggering things. In fact, it’s this recent explosion of information that has given rise to the newest iteration of our profession: the digital librarian. If you’re reading this book, then you either are one of this new breed, or you want to be -- or you suspect that you might be, and you’re thinking about changing what it says on your business card. This chapter will set the stage. We’ll define what it means to be a digital librarian and discuss the mindset, resources, and challenges specific to the role, as well as the connections it has to traditional librarianship and what sets it apart from what’s come before.


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DelRosso, J. & Lampert, C. (2013). So you want to be a digital librarian -- what does that mean? [Electronic version]. In J. D. Monson (ed.), Jump-start your career as a digital librarian: A LITA guide (pp. 3-19). Chicago, IL: American Library Association.

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