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Among the purposes of this chapter is (1) to examine past and present statuses of demographic groups who earlier suffered discrimination in employment but who today are legally protected. Our purpose is then (2) to appraise the issue of perceptions of fairness and equality, and next (3) to discuss problems still existing in the labor market in achieving “equality” under the law. Finally (4) we will offer some proposals for meeting still existing shortcomings. Because space requirements prohibit a discussion of all these groups, we are focusing on two of the largest: women and African-Americans.


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Cook, A. H., & Stallworth, L. E. (1998). Challenges in managing the new diverse labor force [Electronic version]. In J. McKelvey and M. Neufeld, (Eds.), Industrial relations at the dawn of the new millennium (pp. 84-95). Ithaca, NY: New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

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