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[Excerpt] The stark reality of the continuing decline of U.S. unions has precipitated an intense feud among labor's leaders, with thoughtful progressives lined up on opposite sides of the schism. It seems increasingly likely that the movement as we know it will disintegrate. What remains uncertain is whether this period of crisis and confusion can provide space for the type of radical innovation that is necessary to propel issues of voice, justice, and equality to the forefront of the nation's consciousness.

Readers of Social Policy know well the contentious issues — top-down restructuring versus bottom-up mobilization for change, a coordinated commitment of vast resources to organizing versus a relative priority on political action and labor law reform, deconstruction of the AFL-CIO versus preservation of its historic role, and staying the course with John Sweeney at the helm versus turning to a new leader with a mandate for change.


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Hurd, R. W. (2008). Beyond labor's brawl: Strategic conundrums await [Electronic version]. Social Policy, 35(4), 8-12.

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