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[Excerpt] My reaction to this paper is mixed. On the one hand, it represents one of the few serious efforts I know of to place discussions about comparable worth in a comparative perspective and to bring evidence from other countries' experiences into the debate about policy in the United States. For this the authors should be resoundingly applauded. On the other hand, I am left with the feeling that they have not pushed their empirical analyses as hard as they might have, and because of this, in places they may have drawn some inappropriate conclusions. My discussion will elaborate on this latter theme.


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Ehrenberg, R. G. (1989). Women's pay in Australia, Great Britain and the United States: Commentary [Electronic version]. In R. Michael, H. Hartman, & B. O. Farrell (Eds.), Pay equity: Empirical inquiries (pp. 243-246). Washington, DC: National Academy Press

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