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How do local union leaders view manpower training programs for hard-core-disadvantaged blacks? How do they perceive their members' attitudes towards these training programs? Do unions block the implementation of job training, or do they support it? What are the union leaders' views on special treatment and double work standards for the hard-core-disadvantaged black trainees? How difficult do union leaders think it will be for these trainees to achieve the educational standards set by the firms?

We, along with Myron D. Fottler, explored some aspects of these questions in fairly intensive interviews with 51 local and regional union leaders in western New York. Thirty-six union respondents had experience with similar on-the-job training. Fifteen had never been involved in such manpower training programs.


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Drotning, J. E. &Lipsky, D. B. (1971). How union leaders view job training programs [Electronic version]. Monthly Labor Review, 94(4), 65-66.