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[Excerpt] Today the school's faculty is as strong as it has ever been. It consists of renowned researchers and accomplished practitioners who are, at the same time, dedicated to their students and to classroom teaching. Our students are outstanding—so outstanding that I wonder if I could be admitted if I were applying today! Our extension and outreach programs serve 30,000 adults every year and are the envy of all our academic competitors. As we look to the future we know we have a solid foundation on which to build.

In dreams begin responsibilities. The dream that Irving Ives and a handful of others had over half a century ago ultimately became the preeminent institution of its type in the world. I have had the honor and privilege of being the first ILR alumnus to serve as dean of the school, and I am acutely conscious of the profound responsibility borne by all of us who love the school—the responsibility to preserve the great legacy of the last 50 years by ensuring that the school is well prepared for the 21st century.


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Lipsky, D. B. (1996). Introduction [Electronic version]. In E. Goldberg (Ed.), The ILR School at fifty: Voices of the faculty, alumni, and friends (pp. 1-8). Ithaca, NY: ILR Press.

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