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[Excerpt] For more than a decade a "quiet revolution" has been occurring m the American system of justice. There has been a dramatic growth in the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve disputes that might otherwise be handled through litigation. We define ADR as the use of any form of mediation or arbitration as a substitute for the public judicial or administrative process available to resolve a dispute (Lipsky and Seeber, 1998A}. In the United States mediation, arbitration, and their variants ordinarily are private processes in which the disputants themselves select, hire, and pay the third-party neutral who resolves, or attempts to resolve, their dispute.


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Lipsky, D. B. & Seeber, R. L. (2000). Resolving workplace disputes in the United States: The growth of alternative dispute resolution in employment relations [Electronic version]. Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment, 2(3), 37-49.

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