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[Excerpt] Walton and McKersie's 1965 book, A Behavioral Theory of Labor Negotiations, provides much of the conceptual underpinnings of what grew into the modern-day teaching of negotiations in business, public policy, law, and other professional schools. We therefore believe that it is useful to outline the basic concepts and ideas introduced by these authors. We do so, however, with a word of caution. There is no substitute for the original. Every student should have the pleasure of struggling (as we did the first time it was assigned to us as students) with the tongue twisters like "attitudinal structuring" and the many other new terms and theoretical ideas introduced in the book!


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Kochan, T. A. & Lipsky, D. B. (2003). Conceptual foundations: Walton and McKersie's subprocesses of negotiations [Electronic version]. In T. A. Kochan & D. B. Lipsky (Eds.), Negotiations and change: From the workplace to society (pp. 15-19). Ithaca, NY: ILR Press.

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