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[Excerpt] I argue that social partnership is alive and well in eastern Germany. My evidence for this surprising outcome includes the IG Metall strike victory of 1993 and plant-level case studies of restructuring and industrial relations in the metal and electronics industries of eastern Germany. The success of social partnership in eastern Germany can be traced both to the flexible suitability of institutions transferred from the West and to the actor choices in the negotiations and conflicts that have made it possible to adapt these institutions to a new environment. Both the institutional and political aspects of the argument are necessary to explain the success of social partnership in eastern Germany.


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Turner, L. (1997). Unifying Germany: Crisis, conflict, and social partnership in the East [Electronic version]. In L. Turner (Ed.), Negotiating the new Germany: Can social partnership survive? (pp. 113-135). Ithaca, NY: ILR Press/Cornell University Press.

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