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In dangerous times, in a post-Cold War political landscape in which a settled "New World Order" has yet to emerge, continuing globalization brings enormous challenges. For labor unions, the pressures are intense and have been well documented and analyzed. Yet globalization also brings new opportunities for enhanced participation, alliance-building, and labor movement renewal. Viewing the global economy as an opportunity as well as a threat, some unions are crafting innovative strategies to ride the new currents toward modernization, mobilization, and expanded economic and political influence.


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Turner, L. (2004). Globalization, participation, and the renewal of the labor movement [Electronic version]. In R. Marshall & J. Getman (Eds.), The future of labor unions: Organized labor in the 21st century (pp. 111-125). Austin, TX: Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources, Lyndon B. Johnson School for Public Affairs, University of Texas.

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