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[Excerpt] In July 1995, the first author of this paper was appointed vice president of academic programs, planning and budgeting at Cornell and, at his initiative, a joint faculty-administrative committee was subsequently established, with him as chair, to look into how the university should respond to the elimination of mandatory retirement. In this chapter, we discuss the environment in which the university found itself when the committee was established, the recommendations of the committee, faculty reactions to the recommendations, and the actions that the university ultimately decided to pursue.


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Ehrenberg, R. G., Matier, M. W., & Fontanella, D. (2001). Cornell confronts the end of mandatory retirement [Electronic version]. In R. L. Clark and P. B. Hammond (Eds.), To retire or not? Retirement policy and practice in higher education (pp. 81-105). Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press.

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