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[Excerpt] This chapter presents analyses of the compensation and mobility of school superintendents in New York State during the 1978-79 to 1982-83 period. The focus is on school superintendents because they are the chief operating officers of school districts, their salaries are determined through individual "negotiations" with school boards, and their salary data were made available to us. In contrast, school principals' salary data were not available to us. Especially in large districts, principals tend to be members of a union and their salary increases negotiated collectively, which limits the likelihood of observing individual principals' salaries being related to measures of their school's performance.


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Ehrenberg, R. G., Chaykowski, R. P., & Ehrenberg, R. A. (1988). Are school superintendents rewarded for “performance”? [Electronic version]. In D. Monk (Ed.), Microlevel school finance: Issues and implications for policy (pp. 337-364). Cambridge, MA: Ballinger Publishing.