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Winter 2005


[Excerpt] This is a timely book about the labour market effects of globalization – specifically, the effects of globalization on jobs, wages and incomes in industrialized and developing countries. Ajit Ghose defines globalization as “a process of integration of national markets into a global market.” Globalization, he writes, is of such great concern now because of a new development: trade between developed and developing countries in competing products.


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Fields, G. S. (2005). [Review of the book Jobs and incomes in a globalizing world] [Electronic version]. Relations industrielles/Industrial Relations (RI/IR) 60(1), 180-181.

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Copyright by Département des relations industrielles, Université Laval. Final paper published as "Review of Jobs and Incomes in a Globalizing World by Ajit Ghose," Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, Vol. 60, No. 1, 2005, 180-181.