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[Excerpt] We know well that the East Asian economies have achieved higher economic growth rates than those in any other region of the world and that production for world markets has featured as a hallmark of the East Asian successes. This paper has three purposes: first, to present comparative data showing that the rates at which employment opportunities improve and poverty is reduced mirror countries' differential growth experiences; second, to examine differences in labour market institutions, demonstrating that those in East Asia have similarities more likely to lead to higher output performance and shared improvements in living conditions; and third, to present a model analysing the synergy between countries' choices of trade and labour market policies.


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Fields, G. S. (1990). Employment generation and poverty alleviation in developing economies [Electronic version]. In U. Hiemenz (Ed.), Growth and competition in the new global economy (pp. 91-112). Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

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