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[Excerpt] Publicly confessing fidelity is a risky step, hard to do without sounding sanctimonious. The supposed return to traditional values is the last bandwagon I'd want to ride. Then there's the risk of hypocrisy. I can't guarantee that this streak of fidelity won't end. The only way out is to confess ambivalence. I'm not so sure I want to be faithful. With both of us working, raising kids and running a household, married life takes on a draining routine. Lingering mornings of love play are long gone now; little feet and little stomachs and quirky faucets and job deadlines see to that, just as they lengthen the intervals between loving nights.


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Compa, L. (1985, August 4). The faithful desperado [Electronic version]. New York Times Magazine, 60.

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This article was selected as a “Best Column” for inclusion in the book About Men: Reflections on the Male Experience (Poseidon Press, 1987), edited by Edward Klein and Don Erickson.