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[Excerpt] This chapter examines the impact of corporate restructuring and global outsourcing on employment in the Commonwealth and the shifts in production from workplaces in Massachusetts to other countries. In particular we focus on global outsourcing, the shifting of work from Massachusetts offshore to countries in Europe and Asia, and nearshore to Canada and countries in Latin America. Given the huge media attention that outsourcing and nearshoring have garnered, and the increasing trend they represent toward corporate restructuring and capital mobility with lasting repercussions for workers, families, unions, and communities in the Commonwealth, it is important to assess their relative impact on job loss in the state.


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Luce, S., & Bronfenbrenner, K. (2007). Capital mobility and job loss: Corporate restructuring, production shifts, and outsourcing [Electronic version]. In T. Juravich (Ed.), The future of work in Massachusetts (pp. 53-72). Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press.

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Published in The Future of Work in Massachusetts edited by Tom Juravich. Copyright (c) 2007 by University of Massachusetts Press.