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"Organizing is an extremely risky and arduous venture for American workers. As the experience of the last twenty years has shown, a combination of unfettered employer antiunion behavior and weak and poorly enforced labor law make for an ‘unlevel playing field’ stacked against unorganized workers and unions. Using survey data from private-sector certification election and first contract campaigns, this chapter will first examine the impact of NLRB practices and legal and illegal employer behavior on union election and first-contract outcomes. It will then evaluate how labor law reform would reduce the ability of employers to undermine workers’ efforts to organize and win first agreements."


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Bronfenbrenner, K. L. (2001). Employer behavior in certification elections and first-contract campaigns: Implications for labor law reform [Electronic version]. In S. Friedman, R. Hurd, R. Oswald, & R. Seeber (Eds.), Restoring the promise of American labor law (pp. 75-89). Ithaca N.Y.: ILR Press.

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