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[Excerpt] The shortage of a skilled labor force has caused some U.S. employers to look outside national boundaries to fill their needs and caused lawmakers to attempt to alleviate the problem through legislation. But do exceptions to immigration laws in areas of shortages help employers in the long run, or do they keep employers from developing "home-grown" workers to fill their needs? ERW asked two experts their views on the subject. Their answers follow


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Briggs, V. M., Jr. (1990). Forum: Immigration policy and skill shortages [Electronic version]. BNA’s Employee Relations Weekly 8(34), 1073-1074.

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Reproduced with permission from BNA's Employee Relations Weekly, Vol. 8, No. 34 (Aug. 20, 1990), p. 1073-1074. Copyright 1990 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033).