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In this article we advance a distinctly relational view of negotiation. We delineate the conditions through which relational self-construals (RSC) become accessible in negotiations and the conditions that inhibit their use, and we illustrate mechanisms through which RSC affects negotiation processes and outcomes. We introduce four relational dynamics - arelational trading, relational satisficing, relational distancing, and relational integrating - and discuss their consequences for the accumulation of economic and relational capital in negotiation.


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Gelfand, M. J., Smith Major, V., Raver, J. L., Nishii, L. H., & O’Brien, K. (2006). Negotiating rationally: The dynamics of the relational-self in negotiations [Electronic version]. Academy of Management Journal, 31(2), 427-451. doi: 10.5465/AMR.2006.20208689

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