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In this article, the authors argue that offshoring of legal work from the United States has contributed to the fracturing of the long-established internal labor market arrangements in large U.S. law firms. Drawing on evidence from the United States and India on legal employment, the growth of offshoring, and the rapidly changing nature of work that is offshored, the authors contend that the changes in employment systems in law firms are likely to be permanent, in contrast to other researchers who suggest they are temporary adjustments to the financial crisis. As U.S. law firms are dismantling their internal labor market systems, Indian law firms are partially recreating them.


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Kuruvilla, S., & Noronha, E. (2015). From pyramids to diamonds: Legal process offshoring, employment systems, and labor markets for lawyers in the United States and India [Electronic version]. Industrial and Labor Relations Review. Advanced online production. doi:10.1177/0019793915619903

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