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"This article analyzes the interaction between public school desegregation and labor relations in Los Angeles, Dade County, and Boston. First enumerating the ways in which desegregation led to specific changes in either personnel policies or collective bargaining agreements in the three school systems, then providing an evaluation of the performance of the court’s regulatory intervention within labor management relations in the three school systems. After comparing regulatory performance, the factors that influence the observed variations in performance are assessed. A distinction is found between those causal factors that are ‘environmental’ and those that are under the direct control of the parties. The article concludes with a theoretical discussion of the differences that exist between the court’s regulatory intervention in collective bargaining and arbitration."


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Katz, H. C. (1983). A study of regulatory intervention in labor-management relations: School desegregation in Los Angeles, Dade County, and Boston [electronic version]. Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector, 12, 295-309.

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Copyright by Baywood Publishing, Amityville, NY. Published as Katz, Harry C. "A Study of Regulatory Intervention in Labor-Management Relations: School Desegregation in Los Angeles, Dade County and Boston", Journal of Collective Negotiations in the Public Sector, Vol. 12, No. 4, (1983), pp. 295-309.